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Government and Political Experience

Project Middle Ground: Founder and Editor – Conceptualised and led, a unique youth-driven online
publication showcasing different perspectives that exist on a range of global issues. To bring forth holistic
viewpoints and help find common ground in an increasingly polarised world.

  • Key Interviews
  • Key focus areas
  • Impact: fostering dialogue and addressing polarisation

Media literacy toolkit : Objective: Sensitise students on bias in media, their own reception to the
same and the impact this can have on viewpoints formulated. Created and Distributed among 500
high schoolers.

● Primary research collection campaign with Columbia Undergraduate in Data Science to outline Indian
opinions on political divisiveness its causes and consequences

Research Paper on Neutrally Framed Legislature:

Pioneer Research Program: Political Science and Sociology:

● Mentored by Professor Francesco Duina of Bates college on ‘ The Uttar Pradesh Anti conversion
Ordinance, 2020: Deconstructing the stated neutrality of legislative material in the BJP’s populist
Majoritarian India’.(2021 Summer)

● Pioneer Research Journal-Nominated for the prestigious undergraduate research journal for high
school students,. only nominee in the entire annual cohort selected by Professor Duina

● Worked with Professor Duina and a cohort of 5 selected students through college level coursework on
Aadvik Narain Shukla The Shri Ram School Moulsari, Gurgaon, India.
the fundamentals of political sociology.

● Maintained a consistent performance during the program was awarded ‘A’ grade for the essay, and
top 5 percentile remarks and grades in every section of the feedback form filled by Professor Duina.

John Locke Institute – Oxford and Princeton
2021 Global Essay Competition:

● Global Winner – Commendation Award (invited to Oxford University)
4000+ Entries from 150 countries. Wrote on the prompt in the politics category: Should the John Locke
Institute change its name?” This Competition is a highly prestigious platform recognising young writers’
independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style across the
field of Politics


Researcher on the FakeNetAI X NewsMobile DeepFake detection tool and software, worked with testing
the artificial intelligence developed by developers affiliated with UC Berkley. One of the five global winners of
Facebook X IFCN Covid Accelerator Innovation Challenge 2020. $100,000 Grant to further the development of
the tool and implement and incorporate the tool

● Part of strategy and feedback sessions

● Feeding the tool political information, recording responses, utilising varied sources and recording the
tool’s output.

Researcher and youth outreach lead, COVI-SHALA, a media literacy ‘school’ to sensitise concerned
citizens on misinformation and media literacy, using a 4 course program, engaging with doctors to deal with
medical misinformation in tandem – Working under LogicAlly, the world’s largest fact checking organisation,
project funded by the Facebook Journalism project (2020)


Research Mentorship under Mr. Anupam Ray, Head Of Public Policy, Ministry Of External Affairs Expert
on Indian Foreign Relations and senior advisor and lecturer at numerous Universities, Former Counsel
General, Indian Consulate, Houston.

● Duration – 4 weeks in 2021

● Wrote a research paper on “ Indian foreign relations with 5 selected nations: how foreign policy
objectives have paved the path for Indian diplomatic relations with key nations in the 21st century”-
Analysed how Indian approach to diplomatic endeavours are contingent on the specific objectives it
seeks to achieve in relationships with key nations like USA, China, Pakistan


● India’s biggest state Uttar Pradesh’s leading college (La Martinière College, annual national debate)

● Adjudged the best speaker of the debate

● Best speaker of debate round 1,2,3

● Quarter-Finalist

● One of India’s top undergraduate college (Hindu College Debate) First highschool team ever to be a

● The National Shri Debate

● UNANIMOUS 29-0 Victory unbeaten throughout the debate

● Top 5 speaker

● Team Vice Captain


● Contemplative Dialogue Debate

● Top 5 speaker

● Quarterfinalist

● Sishu Griha Parliamentary Debate

● First Runner Up

● 2nd best speaker award

● First Runners Up award at the Aditi Parliamentary debate, hosted by Mallya Aditi International School

● Represent the school’s A team at the GEMS modern world academy Dubai’s international debate

● Winner And Best Speaker, Intra-School JAM Debate Tournament